We understand that childcare health and safety is different to standard industry health and safety in many ways

That’s why our services are completely tailored to the nursery environment. This is completely necessary in an industry that is care, educational, social and work, as the complete and safe running of a nursery needs a much more specialist view.

The childcare health & safety services we offer:

  • Advice & Guidance
  • Training
  • Inspections & Audits
  • Policies
    • 1. Health and Safety – all aspects
    • 2. Operational Monitoring
    • 3. Child Welfare Monitoring
    • 4. Staff Welfare Monitoring
    • 5. Fire Safety

In the nursery environment, welfare and safety is amplified in terms of the effects that staff have on the young child minds, actions and understanding of life. Therefore, it is crucial to have all of the correct policies and procedures in place.

To help you run all aspects of the business smoothly and to ensure efficient documentation of all outcome, incidents and accidents, we provide successful structures to follow, in:

  • Health and Safety responsibilities
  • Nursery operations / Quality Assurance
  • Food Hygiene Responsibilities
  • Care Standards
  • Fire Risk and Evacuation

We provide these all in person or, if you’re afraid of what a Consultation might cost, as downloads from our website that you can fill out yourself.  Alternatively or additionally, we also offer guidance on the phone through one of our packages – SafetyNet 1, 2 or 3, giving you the choice of the level of coverage to suit your needs – or you can sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on our monthly tips, guidance and inspiration.