Nursery Food Hygeine

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Food Hygiene Pack


Food Hygiene Pack РContains all the Documentation for maintaining a safe food serving area, Allergies and allergen control are also taken into account.  Pack also includes an inspection form for internal review of processes and systems within your kitchen. Includes

  • Food Hygiene Inspection Form
  • Temperature Control Poster
  • Food Allergens Safety Briefing for Staff
  • Fridge and Freezer Temperature Record forms
  • Daily meal allocation Form
  • Daily meal Record Form
  • Kitchen Training Induction Form

Records must be maintained and kept to demonstrate compliance with the current legislation.

Food Hygiene Inspection Form


Inspection Checklist to self-audit compliance with various Food Standard Agency requirements. This form provides evidence of self-audit and continual assessment of procedures.

The form covers;


Food Storage

Food Handling

Personal Hygiene

Waste Control

Cleaning & Cleaning Records

Food Allergens – Staff Safety Briefing


A concise staff briefing note for the safety issues concerning Allergens. Covers;

The Allergens

The Symptoms

The Treatments

The Hidden Dangers

Allergen Control Protocol

and reference to further information available on line

Food Handler Return to Work Checklist


When a food handler / kitchen employee calls in sick there are statutory procedures governing when they can resume work. This checklist provides evidence that the necessary checks have been made and the statutory time off, after end of illness, has been served.

Daily Meal Record Form


The Daily food Record Form is the daily planner for the Kitchen. It details what is being prepared for each meal and snack for the entire day.

The form itemises;

The Meal

The ingredients used

The sell by date of the ingredients

The allergens within the Meal

The Children affected by the allergens

The alternate meal provided in lieu of the allergen meal, and

The temperature at which the meal is served.

Fridge Freezer Temperature Records


Weekly Table detailing the daily temperature records for each Fridge/Freezer Unit.

This records all the data required to be compliant with the current Food Standards Agency guidelines

Daily Meal Allocation Record Sheet


Recording Form detailing the number and type of meals served provide a record of the kitchen output. Normal meals and Allergen Meals are detailed along with the names of the children receiving the Meals.

Records are maintained in case the Allergy procedure breaks down to identify who has been served what.

Temperature Control Chart (Poster Display Sheet)


A4 Display Poster of the relevant Temperatures in the Kitchen. For display as a Visual Aid to staff preparing and serving food in a kitchen.